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Suzanne Jones - 5/12/2016

He is the most knowledgable, efficient and professional provider of any service I have ever met. When I asked for another health care company and a face to face interview he immediately secured those. Bruce Asanoff desires to find the best plan to completely satisfy his customer. I highly recommend Bruce Asanoff to anyone looking for long term health care coverage. I would rate him A+. - Suzanne J.

marian mccosh - 3/21/2016

Helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with
Marian M. 

Margare Michaels - 3/20/2016

Bruce was very patient in both talking with me and providing the information I needed to make an informed decision on the coverage of long term health insurance that would meet my needs. He was very friendly and personable and answered some of the questions that I had. I am still talking with co-workers and family about insurance and would recommend Bruce without hesitation. - Margaret M. 

Ron Stephan - 8/10/2015

Bruce you did a great job putting together plans for both me and my wife. You were persistent (as all good sales people are) however you were always courteous and professional. You explained the pros and cons of several different packages and helped us decide the one that best fit our needs and budget. you even follow up to make sure that everything is going well. Thanks for a job well done.

Peter - 7/2/2015

I was very impressed with Bruce's knowledge of insurance products and insurance companies. His customer service was excellent and he delivered what he promised. I gladly referred him to my sister and will gladly recommend to him to anyone with insurance needs. - Peter R. DDS

Alice Fredricks - 6/26/2015

Bruce was very helpful guiding us in making a decision about Long Term Care Insurance. We were not rushed, had all our questions answered and confident in our decision. We have also recommended him to many of our friends seeking the same insurance. - Alice & Gary

Mirta LaGatta - 6/26/2015

It was a pleasure to work with Bruce. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and quick to address our concerns. We are glad we got our Long Term Care policy through him. - Mirta L. 

Glen - 6/24/2015

I had lots of questions on long-term care when I first contacted Bruce. He was extremely patient in answering all of my questions and going through the application process over the course of several phone calls. Bruce is well-versed on long-term care and I was very comfortable with the guidance that he provided. I am pleased with the policy that I purchased for my wife and I in early 2014. - Glen K.

Marian McCosh - 6/19/2015

Bruce explained everything clearly and was prompt returning calls or answering any concerns. Gave me peace of mind. Highly recommended. - Marian M. 

Michael and Andrea Rice - 6/19/2015

Bruce was a great help when we decided it was time to investigate long term care insurance. It was all very confusing until Bruce made it understandable. Through him we were able to get a policy for our needs and at a reasonable price. - M & A Rice

Tracy Hyland - 6/18/2015

Bruce was on top of things and was relentless in getting needed information.- Tracy

Thanks, Tracy.  I don't give up unless you ask me to!  - Bruce

Marlene - 6/18/2015

Bruce did a wonderful job working with my husband and me to get us long-term care insurance. We were not sure we would qualify for the policy we wanted, but Bruce helped us do what was necessary to ensure that we would be accepted. He is thorough and totally professional. If we had more insurance needs, we would definitely work with him again. - Marlene

Gary Smith - 6/18/2015

Working with Bruce was great. Long term care insurance is fairly complex with a number of options to be considered. He took me through each and made sure I understood the choices I was making for my policy. At no time did I feel pressured or rushed. - Gary S.

kathryn Goshen - 6/17/2015

I was very pleased with the way in which Bruce explained the terms of the policy which I have. He did not try to force me into anything I didn't want, and made sure I understood what the policy provided. He has been available when I needed him. At all times, and in all ways, he presented himself as professional, honest and ethical. This is certainly appreciated in job. I would feel comfortable recommending him to others. - Kathryn G.

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